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Used equipment for sale

This is the official keyboard for the MacroSystem/ Cassablanca video editors. This doesn't include the software.   These keyboards cost around $40 new.   I'm asking $15.00     Go to this site for more info & pics:   ttp://www.videogenicsproductions.com/powerkey.html
The Sony TC-WE475 Dual Cassette Deck is a great tape deck for high-quality high-speed dubbing or for enjoying hours of music without changing tapes!       $50.00

Click here for more details on a similar unit:

Focus Enhancements CommandPost for editing (CP-1) - $10
This is a multimedia application controller for: non-linear video editing, graphics and paint programs, compositing and effects programs and digital audio workstations.
Works with MacOS, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 & ME. You'll have to download the drivers for your particular Operating System.
Here's another listing with more details about this product.

If interested, email:     info@crestmedia.com